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Merlinus Ambrosius' Journal
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Friday, November 21st, 2003
3:27 pm
Ok, whatever happened, it seems to have "passed". The timestamp of new entries is correct now....

Current Mood: annoyed
3:26 pm
I submitted an entry moments ago with logjam, but it is showing up under the same date as my last entry (which was almost 3 years ago)... 'sup w/dat sheeyat?

try this one and see what happens... (fyi, today is 21 Nov 2003)

Current Mood: confused
Tuesday, February 6th, 2001
6:58 pm
logjam and the KV-32XBR100
I decided to try out this logjam widget since I have an excuse to say something today - not that it is very meaningful or personal to most people (or even me) but it nevertheless is something that could be useful to a few people out there (especially via Google) and so I'm taking this opportunity to play with lj a bit, and use logjam since it might prove to be more useful for making entries than directly into the website.

I moved recently, and in the process somehow managed to lose the cable that connects my teevee monitor to the tuner box (this unit comes in two parts, unlike most teevee's where the tuner is integrated into the monitor). To make a long story short, Sony and other vendors online don't have have this cable anymore and I almost lost hope of ever being able to use this tv again (which would be most uncool since it was rather expensive) but, when googling I discovered others who had been searching for this same cable over the past few years (the tv is from ca. 1997-98). I emailed three of them and asked if they had ever found a source for a new cable. One of them wrote back and said it is a standard 36pin centronics cable. Some more searching and a bit of educated guesswork and I located exactly the right cable for sale online. It came in the mail yesterday and I have proven that it works as of last night when I hooked it up.

It is a mini centronics 36pin cable, available from CyberGuys for about $11. Item #122-2390. http://www.cyberguy.com

Hope this is of use to someone. Now that I've gone to all this trouble, I'm sure the original cable will turn up any day now.... :-)

Not to mention, my computer when on the fritz when I moved too, and after some reseating of cables, replacing the northbridge chipset fan and cleaning out the dust bunnies, I got it working by replacing the video card. Whew - what a relief. I would hate to lose the 160GB striped RAID on that box... not that I keep anything really important there but still... So I have two reasons to be elated today. :-)

Current Mood: satisfied
6:58 pm
my cheese profile
Your Cheese Profile Is...

The Trendsetter
You are among the first to identify and participate in the
latest trends. You are always up on the hottest
happenings, including the latest restaurant openings.
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Your cheese profile favors blue cheeses, Gruyre and
Brie, which are often included in recipes at the best
restaurants. But did you know that artisanal cheeses are
currently at the forefront of culinary trends? These
handmade, small-batch domestic cheeses run the gamut
from simple favorites like Cheddar and mozzarella to more
specialized varieties like Teleme. Keep up with this trend
by asking your local cheese purveyor or maitre'd to
recommend a few.

When you're entertaining, start the evening with a trendy
new appetizer. Serve Gorgonzola or blue cheese atop
slices of yellow and red heirloom tomatoes*. Top with
chopped herbs and drizzle with olive oil. Or, provide
guests with a twist on a spicy, south-of-the-border
favorite by preparing quesadillas with domestic Brie or
Camembert and mangos or pears. For a sweet dessert,
dip whole strawberries in sweetened mascarpone
sprinkled with finely chopped pistachios.

Current Mood: indifferent
6:50 pm
hmm this loserjabber thing is amusing
we'll see if it's actually useful enough to make livejournal any easier to use than a web browser interface...

hmm it noticed that I am running xmms.
6:44 pm
let's see how this works
OK - I'm not much for keeping a diary or talking about my feelings or thoughts, I'm a very private person and not good at expressing myself without time to think it through. But this could be interesting.

So this is a first entry, just to see how it looks and stuff.
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